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Building A Partition Wall 2

Once the outer framework of the stud wall has been installed, attention can be turned to filling in the framework and dry walling. Make a final check the labels of the frame and its positioning, because any slight adjustments are best made at this stage rather than later. Filling The Frame Measure each vertical stud
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Building A Partition Wall

Building A Stud Partition Wall Stud walls are built in two main stages, and the following four pages explaining each step. For any work can begin, however, you must read establish the direction of the ceiling and floor joists-this will determine whether the head and sole plates are to run parallel or at right angles
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Bathroom Ventilation

Installing Ventilation Ventilation is important in bathrooms because of the damp, moist atmosphere. This type of environment suffers from condensation, which can damage decoration and finishes unless adequate ventilation systems are installed. The advent of double glazing has increased the problem and made ventilation systems essential since the somewhat draughty nature of older windows and
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Fitting Tongue & Groove Panelling

The use of tongue and groove panelling is an extremely effective way of transforming a wall surface and making a room feel warm and inviting. The panelling can be applied across entire walls or just up to dado level. Applying panelling is a two part process  – first you need to build a framework onto
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